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La digitalizzazione aziendale del cantiere e dell’outdoor - Teamax
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The digitization of the construction site and the outdoors

The widespread use of mobile devices becomes an essential tool for the collection and exchange of information between physically distant or moving subjects, without having to renounce the digitization of data and documents.

Designed for smartphones and tablets with Android or Apple operating systems, the Teamax Apps are a solution that combines ease of use and speed of data collection and management. Although nothing prevents you from accessing Teamax applications via the browser even when using the phone, the user experience is not optimized for the size and keypad of smartphones and tablets, and it is much easier when using the Apps.

The Apps are the solution to bring digitalization from company offices to production departments, involving external sites, even outdoors, and entire production chains, ensuring accessibility by all staff, regardless of their familiarity with the digital tools.

Reporting of operational activities and monitoring of resources

Thanks to the mobile version of Team, operational activities are reported in real time and staff can collect and archive the documentation produced or received by suppliers at the production site, making it immediately available and viewable from the company headquarters.

In addition, the operating staff can continuously monitor the adequacy of the skills of the work teams and the maintenance status of the available resources, preventing any non-compliance with training and maintenance plans or legal requirements.

Reporting of operational activities and monitoring of resources

The App Cio, Check in – Check out, first of all allows you to record attendance and working hours in real time, the so-called clockings.

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology of the MIO bracelet with which it interfaces, it also allows you to record data relating to maintaining social distancing. An aspect that for sectors such as entertainment (ex. Cinema, museums) or services (ex. Organization of events) can be decisive to allow the resumption of activities in complete safety for both employees and users.



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