That is, the app for access control and clocking

The Check in – Check out (Cio) App is an application for mobile, Android and Apple devices, created for

  • record attendance and hours worked, dematerializing the clocking;
  • control and manage access to closed spaces or open environments.

The Check in – Check out App is combined with the MIO bracelet, a Bluetooth device similar to a watch, which is worn by every worker or user:

  1. the bracelet is configured to be associated with a single person;
  2. the bracelet is recognized via Bluetooth technology by the mobile device on which the Check in – Check out App is installed and the application records the identification of MIO, the date and time of the contact which is encoded as access or exit depending on the option selected by the user or the centralized system.

Single access or centralization

Depending on the needs, access detection and clocking can be carried out

  • through a centralized device, positioned in a fixed location;
  • left in the care of one or more users, each of whom must have downloaded the Check in – Check out App on their mobile device.

The two versions

The Check in – Check out App is available in two versions:

  1. the Admin version, in addition to allowing access registration, contains the mapping of all MIO bracelets and their association with individual users;
  2. the User version, on the other hand, is dedicated to the single user and only allows the registration of bookings.

Why use the Check in – Check out App?

The collection of data through the Check in – Check out App makes the information immediately available to the offices concerned, such as the administrative office that processes the payroll, the technical office that processes the accounting or the manager of an event that must check the maximum capacity of a room.

The application can become a tool to check compliance with the rules of social distancing if the MIO bracelet is configured so that it recognizes equivalent devices within a radius of 1.5 m. While MIO alerts the user with a vibration or an audible alarm, the Check in – Check out App records the individual alarms.



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