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Fields of application

Offering IT solutions capable of adapting to the needs and language of different sectors is not easy, but it is possible. Twenty years of experience and daily confrontation with organizations, companies and consortia belonging to different sectors of the Italian productive fabric are the tools with which we achieve the goal.


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.

We were born in the construction world but we have become skilled in developing our products to meet the needs of other sectors: if administrative and personnel management are common problems, when you move on to the operational phases the needs become specific.

Construction and plants

Construction, public and private, large works that last for years and the management of plant networks and infrastructures, with construction sites that open and close even in less than a day, are the place where we were born and raised.

The distrust of digital in the sector is difficult to eradicate, so being able to expand the network of companies that actively use our products is a result we are proud of. The ability to have an overview of the productivity of each order and to lighten the registration and collection of documents on site are the elements that have made the difference.

Production chains

Production of any kind, in the factory, with the complexity of planning and traceability of the supply chain, is an ongoing challenge.

The management of plant and equipment maintenance affects the production cycle in a decisive way: stopping a machine can mean stopping an entire production line and replacement, even temporary, can be unthinkable. Hence the idea of ​​applying a digital maintenance scheduling system to make the process faster and safer.

And then we thought that being able to trace the entire life cycle of the product with a connected document set, always updated, would guarantee the maintenance of its value and the possibility of use over time.


Fixed locations, but an ever-changing environment, stringent and mandatory safety requirements. The coordination of the work teams is crucial for the progress of the work, the census of the personnel who access the site is essential to ensure the safety of the work itself, as well as the quality of the materials. High precision and high performance find a decisive partner in digitalization.


We have thought about all the activities carried out in the cultivation land: how to report them taking into account the processing seasons, how to certify the production chain and monitor external labour during the harvesting phases. Then, one grain leads to another, we thought of giving the possibility to create a digital booklet of activities, from sowing to harvest, and to allow real-time analysis of harvesting performance.


Museum institutions, theatre and cinema managers, theme parks or entertainment venues have always had the need to analyse, control and manage access, possibly anonymously. And Teamax proposed a solution. Then the 2020 health emergency gave rise to new needs: how to prevent gatherings? How to check compliance with the rules of social distancing? And Teamax showed how to do it.

In the case of training companies, then, the request for tools that, in addition to managing deadlines, would allow them to continue training staff, preferably remotely, without losing guarantees in terms of effective participation, became increasingly clear. And Teamax gave his answer.



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