The digital transformation of construction sites and outdoor activities in large spaces, within everyone’s reach.

We have created integrated solutions for remote management and monitoring of shipbuilding, outdoor activities and large spaces. Simple tools, within the reach of both technicians and operating staff, so that their use is effective and efficient. And the economic investment bears lasting fruit.


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.


Concreteness, simplicity and overview gained in the field

20 years of experience in the world of shipbuilding have taught us how essential it is to think of immediate, operational, transversal and safe solutions with regards to the norms.

To offer tools capable of:

– be at the service of the operating staff experience;

– transfer the information to all company offices involved in the production process;

– create a common working method between clients, contractors, professionals and trade associations;

– contribute to norms compliance with sector regulations;

This is our solution for business digitization.

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Planning and management of work and resources


Having the needed information available in real time for the purchasing office, the technical office, the administrative office, the personnel office, the warehouse and the production manager without sending emails or make phone calls.
Have always updated staff courses and the machinery maintenance deadlines always monitored.

This is everyday life with Teamax products.

Constant supervision
with the speed of the Mobile App

 Record the progress of activities, the presence of staff and equipment and security controls directly on site or in production, through the mobile phone. Obtain in real time productivity indices of the work teams or production departments as to update the activities program. No comings and goings between the production site and company offices, no paper sheets that is likely to be lost and no discussion with those in charge of company certifications.

This is everyday life with Teamax products.

A common tool for clients, professionals and companies

A common tool for clients, professionals and companies.
A punctual and transparent working method that the company can share with its customer and the technicians, such as construction management or safety coordinator. A working method that collects certifiable data, which contracting authorities can adopt to have full control of construction site activities.

This is everyday life with Teamax products.



BIM, beyond design

BIM, beyond design


The 4.0 construction site was born from BIM design and develops with remote monitoring.

Building Information Modeling is the construction of the future and is not just about design: even the construction, maintenance and decommissioning phases of the works will be affected by new methods and tools.

Looking beyond the design and thinking about how to apply BIM in the executive phase is an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the world of public construction.

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