Management system, the control panel of the work groups

Management is the software for the management of production processes at company level, business grouping or consortium, which guarantees:

1. integrability with any computer system;

2. the transparency of technical / administrative operations throughout the entire production chain.

Management of tenders and orders

From the issue of the estimate quotation, to the acquisition of a new order, without losing track of the contractual additions requested by the customer.

The subdivision of the work between consortium companies or partners is traceable together with the details of the outsourced activities.

Framework or multi-year agreements can be divided into their specific work orders with a tree diagram that allows you to analyse productivity data from the macro (job) to micro (single activity) level, as needed.

Traceability of materials and inventory control

And it’s not just possible to coordinate and trace all the flows of material supplies at the various levels of the production cycle, but it is also possible, on the basis of system stocks, to proceed with a distribution of the supply among several subjects.

To meet the most stringent controls on the quality of supplies and on the verification of stocks, it can integrate a barcode reading system, with access also from mobile.

Accounting and invoicing

Develop accounting and obtain the client’s approval of the work progress, calculate the savings, request new prices or their updating.

Accounting is managed along the entire production chain, from the contracting authority to the subcontractor, automating the calculation of security charges and reverse charge activities, up to the generation of invoices, also by interfacing with third party IT systems.

Management of human and instrumental resources

Individual cards for staff allow you to track skills, deadlines and add productivity data.

For the fleet of vehicles and equipment, on the other hand, maintenance records and related deadlines are managed, monitoring costs.

An integrated communication system

Internal and external communications to the organization travel through a single interface, capable of conveying both e-mails and instant messages, including attachments.



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