Teamax software for business 4.0

Digitization is a process that requires to embrace a new way of working. If in new realities it is possible to set it immediately, as a common basis for operations, in organizations that are already active (and perhaps with a long history behind them) a gradual introduction may be more effective before permeating the entire structure and business activities.


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.

The speed of change may depend on several factors: organizational size and complexity, the will of the company management, required or necessary degree of product customization. The starting and ending point of the digitization process may also vary, i.e. digitization can only affect certain offices or business divisions.

For these reasons, Teamax proposes a modular solution that allows the organization to evaluate the path according to its needs and to proceed, if it deems it, to subsequent steps.



The control panel of the organization, the overview of all the main business processes:

  • commercial;
  • administrative;
  • supply;
  • resource management;
  • production management.



To bring in digital mode

  • planning of operational activities;
  • coordination of working groups;
  • monitoring and reporting on field activities.



To bring in digital mode the management of health and safety at work aspects of outdoor activities and production sites, both from the point of view of the preparation and management of documents and from the point of view of controls.



To optimize the procurement process not only from the point of view of documentation but also from the point of view of prices, inventory management and delivery times.



So that the training, on which the competence of the staff depends, is tracked, personalized and always under control.



To track and manage requests for intervention, even in emergencies, without downtime and in full transparency



For accounting management in direct line with the customer, ensuring rapid processing and completeness of the documentation.

Check in – check out


To dematerialize the registration of attendance and hours worked and control and manage access in closed spaces or open environments.

The braclet MIO


To ensure compliance with and control of the rules of social distancing and the safety of users and workers.



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