Safe: workplace safety becomes digital

Safe is the application that digitizes workplace health and safety documents and records by combining desktop and mobile access.

Useful within the organization to share and notify work procedures between company employees and verify their application in the field, it allows collaboration with external security figures, such as CSEs and managers and contractor’s managers.


  • keeps the Risk Assessment Documents (DVR);
  • produces the specific work procedures, the Safety and Coordination Plans (PSC) and the Operational Safety Plans (POS) based on the planned activities;
  • allows you to record checks on the production site starting from clear and customizable checklists, attaching the audio and video material recorded in the field;
  • allows real-time verification of deadlines for medical examinations, courses, conformity of equipment and vehicles.

The possibility of opting for blockchain certification of data and registrations guarantees their legal value by bypassing printing.

What are the benefits?

A big help for technical staff, managers and safety officers

Technical staff can:

  • consult specific work procedures starting from the Company Risk Assessment Document;
  • speed up the registration of daily attendance, simultaneously checking the qualifications of the staff according to the activities to be carried out and the equipment to be used;
  • speed up safety checks, even in contradiction with those carried out by the team leader or department manager

Help for the “security managers”, RSPP / ASPP and CSE

Thanks to the geolocation of the work teams, the safety managers can evaluate in real time where to carry out the inspections.

In the field they can:

  • check all documentation from a tablet or smartphone, verifying the conformity of the equipment and the regularity of the personnel documentation;
  • notify, share and manage non-conformities found in the field.

Peace of mind for the employer

Safe is a simple and safe tool to demonstrate that you constantly monitor the activities of workers and individuals with delegated powers in the field of health and safety at work, gaining peace of mind.

Safe also processes safety data in the form of graphs and tables that can be customized, allowing the costs of lack of safety at work to be assessed in real time.



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