Team, the software to coordinate and monitor work groups

Team is an intuitive software for: Map company resources, meant as a set of personnel, vehicles, equipment and work tools and monitor their deadlines; Coordinate resources to plan production activities quickly and effectively; Monitor activities in real time.

Why use Team?

Because with Team you can:

Monitor deadlines

maintenance of work vehicles, equipment and tools (including individual and collective protective equipment), personnel suitability for the job and training courses;

Create work teams

as an aggregation of personnel, vehicles and equipment, taking into account the competence of the workers and the maintenance status of the instrumental resources;

Geolocate activities

outdoor, even far from the company headquarters as in the case of construction sites;

Geolocate the operational teams

and their working phases, drawing up daily attendance journal

Manage instant exchange

Of documentation between office and production activities, without the use of other applications and limiting the use of paper documentation. For example, the Operational Safety Plans can be made available on smartphones and transport documents or waste identification forms can be photographed and transferred directly to the company offices;

Customize activity controls

based on the requirements of company certifications and record them directly from a smartphone during the inspection;

Check productivity in real time

and entrust the interventions to the work teams according to this and their geographical position;

Monitor the use of PPE

o compliance with safe working procedures by applying devices (tags) that use Bluetooth technology.

Operations are facilitated by the possibility of dragging (drag and drop) elements on the screen.

Mobile version

The mobile version is used to manage registrations at the production site, indoor or outdoor, on site or off site. Any employee or collaborator of an organization who has been enabled by the competent manager, who activates and deactivates the combination of login and password for individual workers (identified by the tax code) can access the Team App version.

GSM_GPS_BLE control unit for specific vehicles

It is possible to install a GSM_GPS_BLE control unit on specific vehicles for:

Trace the itineraries

through geolocation;

Count the accessories

(equipment, materials, safety devices) present on board during departure from the base, avoiding forgetfulness, and on return, to guarantee the completeness of the equipment;

Open driveways

without the use of remote controls and avoiding stops.



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