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The Teamax 4.0 solution- Modular, customizable, integrable - Teamax
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Modular, customizable, integrable and interconnected

The Teamax 4.0 Solution. was born from twenty years of experience and comparison with customers belonging to different production sectors and is built to deliver to the user, technician or operative, one tool, simple to use and easy to understand.


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.

The complexity of the operation does not affect the experience of using Teamax products: however structured and detailed are the information to be managed and its elaboration is structured, we at Teamax are responsible for the complexity.

For this purpose, we have created a solution:

  • modular;
  • customizable;
  • integrable with software already in use;
  • with access from both desktop and mobile;
  • with app for recording activities remotely;
  • which uses objects to convey information (IoT).


Every single Teamax product is designed to be self-sufficient and fully operational.

At the same time our products are scalable: each product integrates with the others, expanding the functionalities and controlled activities.

We can thus respond to specific or more structured management needs and allow a progressive digitization of the customer’s organization, so that the working method is gradually integrated into daily operations.

Customizable and integrable

We also integrate with administrative and management software developed by third parties to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Customizing also means developing new solutions and features, according to the requests and needs of the organization that chooses to work using the Teamax 4.0 Solution.


Applications for desktop access and apps for mobile work in synergy with the IoT.

The Internet of Things is the network of objects, connected through devices that use GPS or Bluetooth technology.

Small devices, as big as buttons, are applied to vehicles, equipment and work tools to know their position, check their presence and correct use.

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