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New professionals are born

With the publication in December 2018 of part 7 of the UNI 11337 standard, the framework of knowledge, skills and competences required of the figures involved in the application of BIM found its reference for the Italian territory.

The standard has not only become the reference for evaluating the qualification of the figures involved in the BIM process, but also the reference for developing competence certifications.

The technical standard has led to the definition of four different figures, which translate into four new professions:

  • CDE manager;
  • BIM manager;
  • BIM coordinator;
  • BIM specialist.

The dynamic is already underway, with various operators, professional associations and registers, training companies and university centres, which offer specific training courses, and certification bodies that offer skills certification services.

Even ANAC, the National Anti-Corruption Authority, in June 2018 underlined the need for adequate training of internal staff at the Contracting Stations in relation to electronic methods and tools, and expressed the urgency of having a reference to be able to evaluate the skills of the figures BIM within the technical offers in public procurement.

And the come into effect of the decree law n.76 / 2020, the so-called “simplification decree“, confirms the way: the contracting authorities are obliged to appoint a technical advisory board for tenders above the community threshold and, among the requirements that these technicians will have to have, is included a proven knowledge in the BIM field.

Training for executive BIM

While many focus on training in the BIM design field, Teamax wants to develop methods and tools to make BIM operational in the executive phase, addressing directly to companies, single or grouped, and to professional firms with the function of construction management and safety coordination.

With this in mind, it is developing collaboration with construction schools, as subjects institutionally in charge of defining refresher and specialization paths for the figures in the sector. The developed paths will allow you to learn the use of specific software, immediately getting into operation.



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