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The certification of data collection and analysis

The data collection and analysis process carried out with Teamax products can be certified through the TrustedChain® platform: algorithm-based protocols verify and archive data and make them resistant to voluntary or accidental counterfeiting by third parties.


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.

Blockchain certification guarantees the immutability of the recorded information and allows for the attribution of legal validity to the data stored digitally.

TrustedChain® is the first private blockchain network of European Trust Service Providers. These are highly qualified and certified companies that provide IT services in compliance with precise safety and efficiency standards.

The TrustedChain® platform uses a permissioned blockchain technology (with permissions), this means that access to the data network is allowed only to authorized subjects, making it more secure, stable and reliable, and therefore suitable for hosting even the most delicate data. The subjects authorized to access the platform are exclusively AgID certified structures – Agency for Digital Italy (technical agency of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers).

The service proposed by Teamax is the result of the partnership with the Evolve company, one of the AgID certified structures that participates in the TrustedChain® platform.

A free choice, not an obligation

In compliance with the customization and flexibility logic of the Teamax 4.0 solution, the blockchain certification of the data collection and analysis process is a possibility available to every customer, organization or work group, and not a constraint or an obligation. The choice to proceed with the certification or not depends on the needs of the customer, who can choose
  • whether to proceed with certification;
  • which data to certify;
  • the reference time period;
according to internal data management policies, the need for subsequent integration of registrations or specific requests from the production chain. 

More sensitive sectors

Teamax recommends the use of blockchain certification in specific sectors or applications, such as in cases where product traceability certification is required along the entire production chain, starting with raw materials, to combat counterfeiting.



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