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Booklet, accounting and documentation shared with the customer

Libretto is the service provided by Teamax to complete and send to clients the accounting and documentation relating to the work carried out, quickly and accurately.

In this way the organization has a single interface to manage the progress of the work in a shared way with its customers, guaranteeing them ease of reading them and being able to quickly monitor the transmission of the accounts, their revision of approval and completeness of the documentation attached to the economic reports, to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the product or service provided to the customer.

Accounting with measurement booklets

Libretto integrates the possibility of recording the accounting directly outdoors or on the production site offered by Teamax products, allowing the data processing for their transmission and sharing with the end customer, in the form of measurement booklets.

In cases where the activities are managed starting from estimative metric calculations, Libretto allows you to import the cost items and the unit economic value to automatically calculate the economic value of the work performed on the basis of the on-site accounting.

Technical documentation and drawings

Booklet allows you to attach to the economic accounting the technical documentation necessary to certify the conformity of the materials (product certifications) and of the systems built (declarations of conformity) and the graphic drawings, such as layout or as-built, which may have been contractually requested by the customer.

Prevent disputes and optimize times

Thanks to the control offered by Libretto, the organization has the ability to effectively prevent and manage disputes or requests for integration made by clients. At the same time, Libretto represents a tool to optimize the processing of the collected data, developing an accounting dedicated to the comparison with the customer starting from the one set up for internal management.



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