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Software for workgroups who want to do great things together.

We give teams the opportunity to work in synergy, with all information on hand in real time, overcoming the distances between offices and production sites. And we do this starting from the traditionally less digitized economic sectors.

Digitization as a new way of working to allow organizations to confidently achieve their goals.

Innovation and competitiveness

We want the Italian production scenario to become the engine of innovation in the country.

We believe that innovation, from an abstract concept, can become a concrete action through corporate digitalization solutions, such as the development of software fitting all production sectors.

We believe that the professionalism of people combined with the information conveyed by objects (Internet of Things) can give organizations a real competitive advantage.

Security 4.0

We want to contribute to the economic security of Italian companies by helping them to be aware of their productivity through simple and immediate tools.

We want to ease the burden of demanding legislation by providing tools to help verify and maintain regulatory compliance.

In this way even safety at work, from an uncontrollable risk can become a daily gesture of care for people.

Inclusion and synergy

We believe that innovative solutions are synonymous with enrichment but, above all, they are unique tools to be protagonist of the present. For this reason, we want to create software that are also accessible to production sectors that are traditionally less digitized.

We believe that great results are the outcome of teamwork and that therefore the new digital solutions must be able to involve the different company areas and the different figures of the production chains.

The Internet of Things (IoT) at the service of the professionalism of the teams

How can objects convey information?

What information do they convey?

How can information be made available to a working group?

What advantages are obtained?

We are a team too. And we are a concrete team:
we translate our values into goals to be achieved.

Making innovation accessible to all production sectors

We develop software that adapts to the needs and language of different sectors:

– building and plant engineering;

– production chains;

– shipyards;

– agriculture;

– services.

We do it without sacrificing simplicity and immediacy of use, as for the tools to be within everyone’s reach.

Helping businesses gain a competitive advantage

Our software reproduces the road network of business processes: they bring data to the users who need it and lead users to the data they are looking for.

This way people who work in different departments or offices, or even in different organizations, always have the information they need for their jobs.

Decisions are faster and based on up-to-date information, which reduces the margin for error.

Contribute to safety, always, even from a distance

Our customers need to feel confident about:

  • being in control of their business;
  • comply with the sector regulations;
  • of the economic sustainability of the works they are carrying out.

And they must be able to verify what is happening at any time, through desktop and mobile tools.



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