Ticket, the management of reports and requests 24 hours a day


Ticket is ideal for

 entities that must manage reports and requests for intervention 24 hours a day and in full transparency;

 companies or work teams that manage maintenance tasks that include emergency interventions and on-call services.

Ticket is designed to manage requests for intervention, optimizing response times and ensuring that the person who physically activated the request can monitor the status of resolution of the anomaly, and still be informed of its resolution.


The user who detects the failure or problem activates the intervention procedure through a web interface (a reporting form with required fields available on the website of the company or body that uses the software) or by calling an emergency number. In the first case, the report arrives via e-mail to the company contact who is responsible for coordinating the intervention teams, while in the second case it is the call centre that manages emergency number that transmits the report to the technical contact, after having collected the data from the user who made the call.

Through the web interface it is possible to monitor the status of the fault ticket, which will be open until the end of the technical intervention. Once closed, the user who opened the ticket will receive a notification of the repair by e-mail or SMS.

Operations are facilitated by the possibility of dragging (drag and drop) elements on the screen.


The collection of the fault data and the automatic transmission of the e-mail notification to the company in charge of the management of the maintenance interventions allow to avoid dead times in the communications between the various subjects involved, to the advantage of the rapid resolution of anomalies and failures.


The ability to monitor the status of the ticket is then a solution of full transparency towards users, a crucial aspect for public bodies, making Ticket a real counter at the service of citizens.



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