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The digitization of the life cycle of the works BIM - Teamax
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The digitization of the life cycle of the works

With the BIM Decree (Ministerial Decree 560/2017), a new operating method was introduced in the world of construction for the management of all the construction phases of a work, from design to decommissioning, through to construction and maintenance. The various operators in the sector, designers, contracting authorities, contractors, maintainers and managers of the works, must use tools capable of interfacing with each other and exchanging and storing all the information relating to the entire life cycle of each work, creating a virtual model.

Basically, the BIM Decree defined a staggered obligation, starting from 2019, to use electronic modelling methods and tools for public works, progressively investing (by 2025) all contracts, regardless of the amount of the work.

The world of construction has been in turmoil for some time, with various operators, including professional associations and registers, training companies and university centres, offering specific training courses for planning professionals, the first called to deal with this new virtual perspective.

Teamax brings BIM to the construction site

One of the characteristics of Building Information Modelling is the requirement of interoperability of the modelling systems: there is no single tool capable of managing information from a BIM perspective, but every tool developed for this purpose must use a standard data format (IFC – Industry Foundation Classes ), which allows the exchange and use in a secure way, without errors or loss of information.

Teamax products comply with this requirement and transport BIM from the design to the executive phase, allowing the collection of information regarding all the construction phases of the work: controls on materials and related certifications to guarantee traceability, waste management from the analysis reports to the identification forms that certify the correct disposal, the verification of the health and safety conditions on site and the progress of the work flow into a single platform accessible by all the interested parties and according to the specific competence .



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