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Class, the reliable and customizable training

Class is an ideal training management platform for training institutions,

large production companies or consortia.

Class allows you to:

  • plan and manage classroom training courses;
  • create events for distance learning in synchronous mode;
  • organize training courses in e-learning mode;
  • manage training deadlines;
  • develop real-time indicators useful in the qualification processes of large clients or for analysing the performance of business management systems



In distance learning, both in synchronous mode and in e-learning, Class allows you to track the presence of the learner to certify the actual duration of the training course, an essential element when it comes to mandatory training on health and safety at work.


The course program, attendance registers, learning verification tests and training certificates can be printed or managed digitally, using blockchain certification.


Class is a solution to customize even the training required by law, lowering it to the reality of a single company or a specific production site. Having a tool for providing training in the company allows you to standardize the training path of staff, ensuring uniformity of information and accuracy of work procedures. In this way it is not necessary to resort to the services of external training bodies, which necessarily propose more generic and, consequently, less effective courses, and to wait for their scheduling times.

Class can also be used to design and deliver specific training courses for a job order involving environments or processes with peculiar characteristics or with significant risks for the health and safety of workers.

Ideal for fulfilling the obligations regarding safety training, Class is a tool at the service of the growth of staff skills in any area of ​​interest.



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