Market, Teamax’s 4.0 market

Market is the online purchase and sale software with guaranteed credit for users of the Teamax circuit.

Within the circuit, each operator can be both a supplier and a buyer and can leave his feedback on the service of the other operators, contributing to the reliability of the market.

The trust in users of the Teamax circuit is proven by the credit guarantee by means of an insurance surety payable on the individual transaction / sale.

The lowest price

Market allows you to proceed with orders in three different ways:

  • purchasing groups;
  • direct offers;
  • targeted auctions.

In all three cases, the goal is to obtain convenience and competitiveness on the market.

In the case of purchasing groups, it is the Teamax market that groups the needs by coordinating the purchasing centres and favouring a competitive price as a result of which a greater contractual strength of the buyers.

The direct offers are the result of a detailed request for quantities, delivery times and payment methods, sent by the potential buyer to multiple suppliers of the Teamax market at the same time: after receiving the offers, the user selects the one he deems most advantageous.

Finally, the targeted auctions put suppliers in competition, determining the confirmation of the order to the supplier who made the lowest bid

Automatic calculation of needs

Market allows you to automatically calculate the needs on the basis of active orders, warehouse stocks and planned consumption, to allow the confirmation of purchase orders at the right time and at the best price. For punctual supplies and never in excess.

Time saving and digitization

The exchange of communications through software, intuitive interfaces and the automatic creation of estimates, order confirmations and transport documents allow you to speed up processes by reducing the amount of paperwork.

The advantage of the sale

Through Market each user can sell:

  • used equipment;
  • material in stock;
  • performance;
  • services.



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