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The digitized management of large projects

The Teamax 4.0 Solution was created to allow complex work groups to work together efficiently. It integrates the available technological solutions to define a simple, practical and flexible working method: Teamax products can be combined according to the needs of the organization, the reference production sector or the individual work project


Teamax offers four different plans

to meet the needs of small and medium companies, for the management with or without operating branches, and for the control of the movements of people, vehicles and equipment.

Desktop applications

They are the control panel of the company organization or work group. Seven applications to digitize all company processes in an integrated and specific way: from the coordination of resources, to checks in the field of health and safety at work, from the management of 24-hour intervention requests via the WEB interface and Call center to the compilation of accounting and construction site documents.

Application for mobiles

Through the Apps, digitization reaches the production departments, involving external sites, even outdoors, and entire production chains, ensuring accessibility to digital tools by all staff.

IoT Solutions

Small devices, no bigger than a wristwatch, connect everyday objects allowing the company headquarters to receive information from production activities, even outdoors.

Blockchain certification

How to guarantee the legal validity of the registered information?

Thanks to blockchain technology.

The functionalities

• Control of entrance and registration of attendance and hours worked

• Control of social distancing

• Mapping of personnel and skills and control of document deadlines

• Mapping of all vehicles, maintenance control and related programming

Integrated management of orders in the warehouse and by order, with issuing of transport documents and updating of stocks through a manual or barcode system

Management of the economic flow of the single order, from the estimation and definition of the price list, to the updating or definition of new prices, up to the progress with the issue of pro forma invoices and electronic invoices and the management of receipted invoices of subcontractors

• Scheduling of work team activities according to productivity and geographic location

Centralization of incoming and outgoing communications thanks to a single platform that integrates instant messaging (chat) and e-mail both within the organization and externally

Centralization of the document collection on a single shared, certified and guaranteed repository, with the possibility of sharing among users

Control of the entire production chain of the organization or of a single order, integrating the requirements of company certifications

Remote assistance for off-site activities, such as on construction sites or outdoors, bringing company offices and production closer together

Real-time control of the productivity of individual activities, of a specific order or of all company activities

• Tracking the management of requests for urgent intervention



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