MIO, the bracelet to respect social distancing

MIO is a bracelet equipped with a Bluetooth technology that makes it capable of detecting other devices similar to it.

The MIO bracelet alerts the wearer, with a vibration or an audible alarm, if another device has approached within a radius of 1.5 m.

In addition, combined with the Check in – Check out (Cio) App, it allows:

  • to register the clocking (attendance and hours worked);
  • control access to closed spaces or open environments;
  • demonstrate respect for social distancing.

Why use it?

  • To help resume activities after the Covid-19 emergency, while respecting everyone’s health.
  • To operate in compliance with the rules of social distancing, and without violating the privacy legislation.
  • Because those who use it at work are guaranteed to carry out their activities safely, receiving reports with discretion and without distractions.
  • Because business owners can demonstrate that they do everything in their power to ensure the safety of staff and users.
  • So that users and visitors can fully enjoy moments of leisure, at the cinema, museum or outdoors.

Where to use the MIO bracelet?

Production areas


On site or in the factory, in offices or outdoors.

The MIO bracelet contributes to the serenity of those who want to return to work together, in safety.

The MIO bracelet is a discreet support available to museum institutions:

  • to allow the public to continue to enjoy Italian beauties, in compliance with the rules of social distancing;
  • to let visitors experience the visit with the serenity of those who feel safe.

In hotels or holiday villages, on the ski slopes or in bathing establishments.

A comfortable bracelet that discreetly alerts the guest, tourist or traveller when the limit set by the social distancing rules is about to exceed.

Even the operators of the sector can use it.

At the fair or during events


The MIO bracelet allows visits to stands and participation in events, eliminating the risk of crowds.

A support for teachers and children to return to the desk and behind the school desk without worries.

A useful tool to make compliance with the rules of social distancing fun even for the youngest.

To resume commercial activities and ensure safety for its employees.

And to its customers the serenity and fun of shopping.



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