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Ready to collaborate for the digitization of construction

We are convinced that innovation is an essential tool for obtaining a competitive advantage and that true innovation is the one within everyone’s reach. Our experience in the construction sector has helped us to develop operational solutions that can also be managed by personnel who are less familiar with digital tools: ease of understanding and use are facilitated by our support in the training and training of operators in the use of Teamax products.

Support in the company

Teamax offers a training and training course for company staff to ensure the operational autonomy of the organization and the effectiveness of the investment: Teamax’s motto is that BIM only costs if it is not used.

The structuring of the path and its duration are evaluated according to the customer’s needs. A period of assistance can be added to the training to allow the new working method to become fully operational.

Technical partner of training institutions

We have already started collaborations with construction schools in Veneto and we are always ready to define new ones, throughout the national territory. Schools, in their role as trainers in construction, have the great advantage of directly acknowledging the concrete needs of companies and have understood that, after a first attention to the application of BIM to the design phases, now the need is more having the company staff immediately operational in the management of BIM on site. Teamax proposes itself as a technical partner by providing its experience and its products, to combine theoretical and practical training, using a tool that is already operational and tested in the field.

With respect to the development of new BIM-related professionals (CDE manager, BIM manager, BIM coordinator and BIM specialist), Teamax is interested in collaborating as a technical partner also with accredited training bodies to make available its knowledge in the application of the BIM to the execution phases of the works.



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